As the price of high quality video monitors have come down retailers are beginning to take advantage of the opportunity to add movement, versatility and dynamics to their public facing display space. 

What does 17 frames do exactly?

We do the video! You know: the hard part.  We work with you to create a great looking video that you can play on most modern TV displays (often they play video directly from a usb key). The video will be styled to suit your color scheme, store logo and font tastes. We then provide a simple web interface for changing key information from week to week so that the videos can integrate into your ongoing marketing strategies.  

Why should I be interested in this?

We are primed as human beings to focus on movement . This is why the big retailers are using this technology more frequently then ever. With the 17 frames method you now have to opportunity to display high quality marketing messages in a superb HD format that is professionally finished 

Do I own the videos?

For the most part, no. When you sigh up for our service you are effectively renting public display rights to the videos for short periods of time (weekly or in some case monthly). This means that when the contract or trial ends, then you can no longer display them. We do this because we firmly believe that the true value of this video system is in the dynamic relationship it has to your potential customers and you. A static display board will loose its impact if there is nothing new to offer. 

Do you do sound or voiceover?

At the moment we do not offer sound or voiceover in our videos. This may change in the future, so if you would use that, then let us know how and why so we can consider it further. 

Do you supply the videos on DVD?

No. Part of the reason we can offer our services so inexpensively and globally is because the videos are delivered via the internet. We presently do not have the infrastructure to create and distribute DVDs for this purpose. 

Whats the video standard?

All of our videos are created in the 16x9 format which is the standard for TVs now. At the moment the standard quality we offer videos in 1080P.