17 frames is

  • A New Zealand Company
  • Based in Dunedin

Contact 17 Frames

email: 17frames@gmail.com

phone: (NZ) 0210 535 535

17 frames Clients have included

Go Skills  

IPRU (Otago university)

Pacific Edge 

Otago Community Hospice

andrew saunders: company director


Andrew Saunders comes from a background in cinema theory in obscure topics like the relationship between film's abstract form and perception. 

 He started 17 frames media in 2009 in Dunedin as a way of developing motion graphics for education and worked with the IPRU (Injury Prevention Unit), and the Otago Community Hospice on a number of projects. 

He also worked with a biotech company called Pacific Edge on videos for their flagship product Cxbladder. The most exciting of these projects involved illustrating the role of RNA Biomarkers in their bladder cancer detection test.